Who We Are

Bolinc Real Estate is a local real estate start-up that offers investors, personal buyers, house hunters, and realtors access to the most exclusive properties in their regions. Our mission is to provide high quality real estate services to the public in a professional and honest manner. As a company, we are passionate about excellence, integrity, and innovation.

We believe real estate is a major factor that contributes to economic growth, national development, personal wealth creation, and social improvement. Part of our mission is to revitalize every community we are a part of. We achieve this by relieving distressed sellers of their properties while maintaining their dignity. Our professional remodel and renovation team then gets to work fixing up properties to provide the most elegant, comfortable and luxurious homes.

Real Estate
and Digital Marketing

Our real estate company and digital marketing team work together to ensure sellers who work with us are successful. We hire professional photographers, and hold open houses along with keeping hyper-targeted ads running for the duration of the listing. Our core team has marketing degrees, along with decades of combined experience in the real estate and marketing realms. Plus the most important qualification – a with a true passion for helping people in every possible way.

Our Services

Rentals - Bolinc Real Estate


We think that renting is the greatest option for many individuals, but it does not have to mean living in a substandard property. Our rentals have high-end finishes that have been double-checked for safety and quality assurance. If you wish to purchase while on lease, you can do so through one of our licensed agents.

Investment properties - Bolinc Real Estate


We can assist you in getting started if you wish to invest in real estate. Our team buys homes that are unlikely to sell on the open market, and occasionally from sellers who do not want to list in the first place. Inquire about our mentorship program, and click the button below if you have a home to sell.

Our Mission

We believe in changing the world, one relationship at a time. Providing as much as we can to our community is our underlying mission. Whether it's safe, affordable luxury rentals or relieving distressed sellers of their homes in need of repair, we love serving others.

Giving back to our community is the best part of what we do. If you rent from us, ask about our tenant rewards program including discounted rates for early rent payment, incentives for your childs' good grades, fast pass to our real estate investing mentorship program, and our new scholarship program for tenants' children.

Community Development

We will acknowledge the need for safe and affordable housing for many and will offer multiple options for qualified tenants, including the possibility of paying deposits over time instead of upfront.

Tenant Rewards

We will strive to become the best landlords you will ever have, ensuring your satisfaction and loyalty. Stay tuned for our upcoming rewards program in your app!


We will introduce an exclusive scholarship program for children living in our Section 8/Tulsa Housing Authority rentals first. Also, a lottery will be available for those who do not fall within the low-income bracket.