We take pride in our personalized approach, taking the time to understand the unique requirements of each client and tailoring our services accordingly. Whether it's finding the perfect home for a growing family or assisting investors in maximizing their returns, our team is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes. With our extensive network of industry professionals and resources, we ensure a seamless and efficient real estate experience for our clients. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability drives us to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our projects, promoting environmentally conscious living and contributing to a greener future. This commitment enables us to deliver elegant, comfortable, and luxurious homes that stand out in every area we serve.

In addition, we work with sellers who have properties in good condition to sell on the open market. Our real estate agents and digital marketing team work hand in hand to ensure that any seller who chooses to list with us on the open market will be setup for success in reaching as many buyers as possible. We put a hefty marketing budget behind every listing, ONLY hire professional photographers, and hold open houses along with keeping hyper-targeted ads running for the duration of the listing.

We also work with buyers, and if you're a current renter we can help you align the end of your lease with your purchase - modifying it at any point! We follow the data closely and know the intricacies of each market we work in, and are ready to represent buyers to get the perfect home for them. We also offer short term rentals for either vacations or during a transition period when buying. Plus the most important qualification - a with a true passion for helping people in every possible way.

Development Work

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We believe in changing the world, one relationship at a time. Providing as much as we can to our community is our underlying mission. Whether it's safe, affordable luxury rentals or relieving distressed sellers of their homes in need of repair, we love serving others.

Giving back to our community is the best part of what we do. If you rent from us, ask about our tenant rewards program including discounted rates for early rent payment, incentives for your childs' good grades, fast pass to our real estate investing mentorship program, and our new scholarship program for tenants' children.

No Repair Requests

We purchase properties without requesting for any repairs to be made prior to closing.

Fast Closing

We understand the importance of closing deals quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Terms

Get terms that are custom tailored to your goals. We are here to support you every step of the way.

No Hidden Fees

No transaction fees, and we pay all closing fees allowing you get the best price for your home.

Our Services

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We think that renting is the greatest option for many individuals, but it does not have to mean living in a substandard property. Our rentals have high-end finishes that have been double-checked for safety and quality assurance. If you wish to purchase while on lease, you can do so through one of our licensed agents.

Investment properties - Bolinc Real Estate


We can assist you in getting started if you wish to invest in real estate. Our team buys homes that are unlikely to sell on the open market, and occasionally from sellers who do not want to list in the first place. Inquire about our mentorship program, and click the button below if you have a home to sell.