Welcome to the best real estate blog! Here at Bolinc Real Estate, we know how important it is to have a good home that offers you affordable housing and the hope of owning one in the future. We love talking about our favorite topics such as homeownership and property management, making this blog just for you! So come on in, grab a snack and learn everything you need to do today – including benefits of home ownership and more.

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Our Mission

We believe in changing the world, one relationship at a time. Providing as much as we can to our community is our underlying mission. Whether it's safe, affordable luxury rentals or relieving distressed sellers of their homes in need of repair, we love serving others.

Giving back to our community is the best part of what we do. If you rent from us, ask about our tenant rewards program including discounted rates for early rent payment, incentives for your childs' good grades, fast pass to our real estate investing mentorship program, and our new scholarship program for tenants' children.

Community Development

We will acknowledge the need for safe and affordable housing for many and will offer multiple options for qualified tenants, including the possibility of paying deposits over time instead of upfront.

Tenant Rewards

We will strive to become the best landlords you will ever have, ensuring your satisfaction and loyalty. Stay tuned for our upcoming rewards program in your app!


We will introduce an exclusive scholarship program for children living in our Section 8/Tulsa Housing Authority rentals first. Also, a lottery will be available for those who do not fall within the low-income bracket.